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Children's Institute, Inc.: Building on Success

CII's Building on Success Campaign

Building on Success: The Comprehensive Campaign for CII

For 110 years, Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII) has been at the forefront of the effort to help children and families in Los Angeles’s most challenged communities. We have since grown into one of the leading children’s services organizations in the country.

CII now reaches more than 22,000 children and families each year through clinical treatment, family support, early childhood and youth development services. We also inform the larger child welfare field through the research and professional training efforts of the CII Leadership Center.

Now, we have created a bold vision for the future to ensure that we can continue to provide the services and support children and families need to heal from trauma. Our Business Plan lays out our vision for the next several years including:

  • Scaling up our integrated service model to double the number of children and families receiving multiple, coordinated services
  • Replicating the CII model in Watts
  • Expanding our research and training efforts to improve practice and influence policy

That’s why CII has embarked on an historic comprehensive fundraising campaign called Building on Success. This monumental effort is the largest and most extensive fundraising effort in CII’s history. The $35 million Watts Campus capital project is the cornerstone of this larger $75-million effort.

An investment in the Building on Success Campaign will provide funding for CII’s full range of programs and services in Watts, and help maintain the agency’s current services across Los Angeles.

CII’s Watts Campus: A Vision for the Future

WHAT: Designed pro-bono by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry — when complete, CII’s new Watts Campus will allow us to serve 5,000 children, youth, and caregivers each year with high-quality, culturally sensitive, evidenced-based programming that will not only help transform the lives of children and families, but also make a positive impact on the entire community.

WHERE: 1522 E. 102nd Street. On the site of the former County South Health Center, CII will construct a child- and family-friendly, state-of-the-art facility. The new Watts Campus will consist of 50,000 square feet of program, community and office space. It will include:

  • Early Childhood Classrooms
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Art room
  • Large room for performing arts, community meetings, and trainings
  • Computer room
  • Café and nutrition center
  • Library
  • Family resource center
  • Teen center
  • Office space

At CII’s new Watts Campus, children and families will not only receive the clinical help they need to cope with trauma, but also the care and support they need to move forward with their lives. CII will work to help children and youth harness their potential, so they can connect with what they love to do and become the people they are meant to be.

Your Support Can Make a Difference

The Building on Success Campaign is not just about expanding services. It’s not just about a new building. It’s about changing the way a community sees itself.
We invite you to become a part of our mission.

We’re Building on Success. Join Us.

To find out more about this exciting project and how you can get involved with CII’s Building on Success campaign, please contact the Development Department at Children’s Institute, at 213.260.7622 or email

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