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Project Fatherhood SM

Fathers are vital to a healthy childhood.

  • Studies show that children without fathers are more likely to live in poverty, use drugs, drop out of school, develop emotional and behavioral problems, and be incarcerated.
  • The presence of participating nurturing fathers has a profound impact children’s health and well-being.

Project Fatherhood SM of Children’s Institute, Inc. was developed to give urban, culturally diverse fathers an opportunity to connect with their children and play a meaningful role in their lives. The program continues to be recognized nationally for effectively addressing the problem of absentee fathers, a major social issue affecting the healthy development of a significant number of children.

The program provides comprehensive parenting skills to men in caregiving roles— including fathers, stepfathers, foster parents and relative caregivers—using an innovative support group model. Since its inception in 1996, more than 15,000 fathers and nearly 23,000 children have participated in the program, and the numbers are growing.

“Project Fatherhood SM is a grassroots program that can take place in any place, in any community. It directly touches the lives of fathers and their children.”
Dr. Hershel K. Swinger – Founder, Project Fatherhood SM

For more information visit the Project Fatherhood website.

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