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Our Work

When children are repeatedly exposed to violence, their chances of growing up to lead healthy, productive lives are profoundly threatened. They are more likely drop out of school, use drugs, get pregnant, join gangs, and enter the criminal justice system. Yet many children in Los Angeles face the threat of violence and the challenges of poverty on a daily basis. Many have experienced child abuse or neglect, domestic violence, and gang or community violence, and are consequently struggling to function in school or in their families. And many more face the crushing effects of poverty.

Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII) is working to change this. CII helps children in Los Angeles’s most challenged communities heal from the trauma of family and community violence, build the confidence and skills to break through the barriers of poverty, and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives.

CII believes that the needs of vulnerable children and youth must be addressed on multiple levels, so its Integrated Service Model is designed to address the whole child as well as the entire family. The CII model blends evidence-based clinical services to address trauma; youth development programs to enable children and youth to develop skills and self-esteem; early childhood programs which provide critical early intervention; and family support services to build on family strengths and promote stability.

We recognize that different approaches work for different individual children, and are committed to do “whatever it takes.” We work in partnership with the family and engage the larger community—particularly schools and other youth service providers—because we recognize that children need functional families and healthy communities in order to thrive.

Learn about our successes. View our 2017 Digital Annual Report.

CII’s Integrated Service Model

Mental Health Services

CII’s multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, care coordinators, paraprofessionals and parent partners provides a comprehensive array of mental health services to children from birth to age 21 with emotional and behavioral difficulties, and their families. Services are provided at our Otis Booth Campus just west of downtown Los Angeles, our Mid-Wilshire Campus in Koreatown, and our Burton E. Green Center in Torrance; at centers and satellite sites in Long Beach and South Los Angeles; and in family homes, local schools, a mobile clinic and other community venues in these areas. All services are free of charge. Read more.

Early Care and Education Programs

CII offers a comprehensive array of Early Care and Education (ECE) programs for pregnant women, children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age, and their families. We serve low-income, at-risk families, with special expertise in the 0-3 population. Our goals are to promote optimal development of children in all social, emotional and cognitive domains, to build effective parenting skills, and to strengthen parent-child relationships. ECE programs are supplemented by a wide range of child and family support services. Read more.

Child Welfare Services

CII’s continuum of child welfare programs is designed to promote safety, permanency and well-being for children in the child welfare system. These programs include child and family assessment, family preservation, family reunification, family treatment and support services and, when needed, foster and adoptive placements. Read more.

Family Support Services

CII offers an array of family support services through our Family Resource Center (FRC). The FRC collaborates with multiple community partnerships and volunteer organizations to bring a breadth of programming to all of our CII locations. CII’s family support programs are designed to help families achieve economic stability, develop positive parenting practices and connect with other families. All family support programs are free of charge. Read more.

Youth Development Services

CII’s Youth Development Services are designed to help participating youth develop the resilience they need to overcome the many stressors they face in their daily lives. To this end, CII’s youth development activities foster leadership and talent, promote self-esteem, promote the development of transferable skills, and provide opportunities for enrichment and success. Select services are provided at our Otis Booth, Mid-Wilshire and Burton E. Green Campuses and at our Watts Center, and are free of charge. Read more.

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